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A Lymphedema Charitable Organization

2018 lymphedema charity gift basket auction sponsors

JOBST® - Comfort, Health and Style!

JOBST®, a brand of BSN medical, provides solutions for the prevention, treatment and management of venous and lymphatic conditions. JOBST® offers world-class clinical education, sales and customer service support for healthcare professionals, business partners and patients. With a wide variety of sizes, styles and compression levels for everyday wear, JOBST® is the #1 physician and therapist recommended brand of medical compression stockings in the US and a product patients will want to wear.


medi. I feel better.

medi is committed to helping people all around the world live a more independent, productive and satisfying life while managing circulatory, lymphatic and ambulatory issues.

~More than 60 years of experience in compression technology


Mythic Health assists with Insurance Reimbursement of garments through persistent efforts with Insurers.   Mythic is a Health & Wellness Company that Firmly supports the Science and Research behind Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils- CPTG.

Wyatt Rehab Provides Lymphedema Treatment and Care for affected Lymphatic patients.  Wyatt Rehab is a Leader throughout the world in Lymphedema Treatment.  Wyatt's Founder Tracey Podolsky is a Lymphological Society of North America "LANA" certified Physical Therapist specially trained in Lymphedema diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care who has been advocating for patients since 2005 at her practice.  Wyatt cares for multiple patients with conditions ranging from Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema "BCRL" to highly specialized Lymphedema Treatment in the Head and Neck, and also Infants with Lymphedema.   Tracey's Practice has grown from a small Lymphedema Specialist practice to a thriving Wellness center.